Schleicher County Extension Office


Schleicher County Office

Originally Schleicher County was a part of the Bexar land district. It officially came into being in 1887. Because there were not enough people to warrant the mechanism of complete organization, the county was attached to Kinney County and then Menard County for judicial purposes. Today, Schleicher County stretches 36 miles from east to west. This area of 1,355 square miles with an altitude of 2,447 feet is bounded on the north by Tom Green and Irion Counties, on the east by Menard County, on the west by Crockett County and on the south by Sutton County. A consistent and determined effort brought about a separation from Menard County and on July 1, 1901, Schleicher County, Texas, was formally organized.

The county is named for Gustave Schleicher, a member of “”The Colony of Forty.”” Originally land sold for $1 to $2 an acre depending on location. Eldorado is the only town in the county. At one time there were a number of communities such as: Reynolds, Rudd, Toe Nail, Kaffir, Bailey Ranch, Adams, Verand, Cliff and Alexander. Traditionally the income in Schleicher County has come from Agriculture and Oil. Our average yearly rainfall is 19.86 inches.

Schleicher County lies in the heart of Sheep and Goat Country. Over the past few years numbers have declined due to drought, cost of production and price cuts. Through the West Texas Tourism Partnership, producers are working utilize natural resources to make up for this shortfall. Our goal is to retain existing businesses, plan and carry out events that will attract people to the county, develop community leadership and capitalize on economic development. By doing this, we can insure that the people of today who come to Schleicher County will still find the good quality of life that our early settlers worked so hard to achieve.